arsenic and old lace

By Joseph Kesselring

Directed by Wanda Smith-Goshorn

Mar 11, 12, 18 & 19 at 7:30 pm

Mar 13 & 20 at 2 pm


Arsenic and Old Lace is a dark comedy that explores human family relationships and the influence genetics may play in morality, mental health, hobbies and homicide. Drama Critic, Mortimer Brewster announces his engagement to Elaine Harper, the “girl next door”, to discover his beloved aunts’ most recent hobby threatens not only the new couple’s happiness, but, the well-being of the entire Brewster clan. A series of welcome and unwelcome guests push Mortimer to the brink of mental collapse before the revelation of several well-kept family “secrets” allow Mortimer and the audience to breathe a sigh of relief–at least until one last guest threatens to prove genetics’ case.

(Dark Comedy Rated PG)


Abby Brewster – Patti Hann

The Rev. Dr. Harper – George Michael

Teddy Brewster – Scott Cairns

Officer Brophy – Luke Hockenberry

Officer Klein – Bobby Brenize

Martha Brewster – Debra Kennedy

Elaine Harper – Cyd Tokar

Mortimer Brewster – Rich Knight

Gibbs – Tom Colley

Jonathan Brewster – Matthew Henning

Einstein – Patrick Mcnamee

Officer O’hara – Jeff Leinbach

Lieutenant Rooney – Bruce Kloster

Witherspoon – Steve Horton