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Get in the Act with CCT Membership

Curiosity brought you here.  Fun, friends, and excitement will make you want to stay!

  • Have you ever wanted to be the King, Queen, villain, or hero?
  • What about a comic sidekick or the top banana?
  • Have you always wanted to know how sets are designed and built?
  • How costumes are put together?
  • What a properties mistress or stage manager does?

Your membership benefits will include:

  • A monthly newsletter with information about auditions, productions, events, and member happenings
  • Registration for classes and workshops before the general public
  • Learn about the many facets of stagecraft
  • An opportunity to serve on CCT’s Board of Directors
  • A great way to meet new people, have lots of fun, and much more!


(September 1st – August 31st)

Regular  (18 Years +)


 Junior (17 Years & Under)


Family Membership

Any Number of Members


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